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2020-11-07 20:21:02


cba外围_HSBC is out. Caixin and the Nikkei are in.汇丰(HSBC)解散之后,财新传媒(Caixin)和日本经济新闻社(Nikkei)接掌了Markit订购经理人指数(PMI)的冠名权。A week after HSBC said it wouldnt renew its five-year contract to sponsor Markits global purchasing managers indices, two new sponsors have been revealed.此前汇丰回应,会续约针对Markit全球PMI指数的为期五年的赞助商合约。

就在该行做出这一表态一周后,两家新的赞助被曝光。Caixin Media, the Beijing-based group known for its independent, in-depth journalism on China, said today it would sponsor the influential manufacturing and services reports on the mainland, beginning in August.今天,财新传媒回应,将从8月份开始,赞助商这一近于有影响力的关于中国内地制造业和服务业的报告。财新传媒总部坐落于北京,以对中国的独立国家而有深度的报导而著称。


Nikkei, the Japanese media group, said on Monday it would sponsor ten of the surveys in the Asia-Pacific region, from India to Hong Kong.日本媒体集团日本经济新闻社则在周一回应,它将赞助商该指数在亚太十个地区的调查活动,其中还包括对印度和香港地区的调查。Caixin said the deal is part of a wider push to increase its capabilities in financial information. This is a very important step Caixin has taken in its quest for a strategic transformation, said Hu Shuli, Caixins editor-in-chief.财新回应,这项协议有助提高其在财经信息领域的能力。

财新传媒总编辑胡舒立回应:“这也是财新探索战略转型的一个最重要措施。”HSBC declined to comment last week on why it ended its global sponsorship deal with Markit. Some speculated that the surveys weak results on China had caused some political problems, but we argued its likely just an easy target as the bank cuts costs and refocuses.上周,汇丰拒绝接受评论为何完结与Markit之间的全球赞助商协议。有人猜测,Markit中国PMI调查得出结论的下滑结果,引起了一些政治问题。但我们指出,汇丰这么做到很有可能只是因为,在该行缩减成本和移往焦点的过程中,这件事较为更容易做。